(sou' däde)

A deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound longing for
an absent something or someone that one loves.



est. 2016

Seattle, WA


Founder & Creative Director

Rebecca Mullins


Image Credit:
The North Sea, St. Peter-Ording, Germany,
Igor Trepeshchenok


We are a design consultancy for end-of-life. We help our clients craft unique and meaningful experiences through consulting, experience design, custom fine goods, and wholesale products.

Grief is heavy, painful and feels impossible to bear in the midst of death or significant loss. We provide courageous stewardship to clients that need creative expression for these emotions during life's most painful, yet transformative times.

We are currently working hard throughout 2018 with individuals and families in developing a new line of services, products and case studies that will be showcased as soon as they are completed.

Our site is a labor of love – in active progress. Thank you for your patience as most of the pages are not yet live.

Please drop us a line anytime. We'd love to connect and hear your story.