We design with love to honor your loss. 

We believe that talking about loss and celebrating the place of our loved ones is a cornerstone to healing.


Grief is an expression of love.

We’re a consulting and design group that helps individuals and families through the process of honoring the lives of those they love.


Guidance and care.

We provide the guidance and design tools to ensure that your love and your loss are commemorated with tangible artifacts that are personal and meaningful. Our services and products help clients integrate their feelings of loss and love through the medium of design.


We are the stories we tell.

We help you and your loved ones carry forward the stories they cherish by offering compassionate guidance at a moment of difficult transition by harnessing the cathartic creative benefits of art.



Meet the founder

Rebecca L. Mullins
Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Rebecca is visionary with heart and soul. Generating endless ideas for inspiration, she founded Studio Saudade to serve people in sustainable and meaningful ways as they navigate profound moments in their lives.


“I desire to shine light in dark places in order to see the beauty hiding there. I can bring humor and positivity to almost anything and rarely shy away from the hard parts of life.”

Rebecca L. Mullins
Founder & Chief Creative Officer


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