Meet the founder

Rebecca is visionary with heart and soul. Generating endless ideas for inspiration, she founded Studio Saudade to serve people in sustainable and meaningful ways as they navigate profound moments in their lives.

Rebecca L. Mullins   Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Rebecca L. Mullins

Founder & Chief Creative Officer


A lifetime of love and loss.

Although Rebecca has been designing since grade school, her professional career began in 2004 in the School of Visual Concepts (SVC) in Seattle, WA. Her path became clear the moment she stepped into the SVC Letterpress shop.

In the mid-2000’s, it seemed that digital was overtaking print. Letterpress printing was considered a dying art form. But Rebecca saw something else. She recognized that the digital revolution would actually make the tactile qualities of paper more important than ever.

In 2008, she opened her own print shop. It was a business rooted in a love of the craft and a burning desire to work with paper, ink, metal, and wood.

Sailing the rough waters of the Great Recession, Rebecca successfully grew a creative business from infancy while honing her craft, supporting the local printing community, and raising a young family. As a multi-disciplinary creative with a passion for branding and visual communication, she succeeded in a tough economy by providing a unique combination of services and an unparalleled commitment to quality.

Trust your intuition and ‘zig when others zag.’
— Rebecca's key to success

Integrity and vision.

Rebecca’s vision for Studio Saudade began in 2006, shortly after the sudden loss of a very dear friend. While helping prepare for the service, she was deeply discouraged by the entire experience of funeral planning. The limited and overpriced options for commemoration left everyone scrambling for a more personal tribute that had deeper connection and meaning.

As a result, Rebecca designed her friend’s tribute personally, and she experienced firsthand how creative expression can provide an outlet for joy and reflection — even during a time of deep sorrow.

This experience eventually guided Rebecca into ongoing engagement and story-sharing as a local hospice volunteer, and it formed the foundation of what eventually became Studio Saudade.


Creative expression, meaningful design.

Rebecca is dedicated to serving those in the process of grieving through creative expression and meaningful design. Under her leadership, Studio Saudade listens and gently guides, helping to soften clients’ suffering by identifying the pathways that will best enable them to have their stories of life and loss witnessed and shared by friends and family.

Grief, in all its painful forms, can be a beautiful process with the right support. If we help each other, mourning can strengthen rather than break us.

A passion for stories.

When Rebecca was 7 years old, her grandmother, who was dying of cancer, often held Rebecca on her lap. Using her pinky finger, she would feverishly scribble letters on her granddaughter’s knee. Curious, Rebecca finally asked what she was doing. Her grandmother replied, “I’m writing my story.”

It took Rebecca 30 years to understand the value of what her grandmother was doing. She has carried this early memory with her into her work with Studio Saudade, where she creates emotional space and tangible goods for people to tell their stories in the way that feels most meaningful for them.

With a profound respect for community, history, and heart, she is dedicated to transforming how we process and integrate the loss of loved ones so their memories will span generations.