From Father to Son:

A Lifestory Book

Jerry’s son, Jeffrey, reached out to Studio Saudade because he was looking for a meaningful way to connect with and celebrate the life of his happily retired father. At 43, the stories Jeffrey had heard in his childhood had started to fade and the details had become fuzzy. He wanted an opportunity to clarify events, ask questions, and record his father’s stories in way that would be meaningful for them both.

We arranged an unforgettable day of sharing for Jeffrey and Jerry that was captured on film and delivered in a custom-made LifeStory Book designed to be handed down to Jeffrey’s 16-year-old daughter and kept for generations.

Here is the story of their day together:




At an early age, you began sharing your love of animals and nature in me. It took a number of years for these seeds to grow, and I still find them sprouting in me when I find the beauty of the world in so many different places. I thank you so much for teaching me to wonder about what the world must look like to a bird in flight.



Early youth

As a child, it’s easy to forget that parents lived full lives before we came onto the scene. It was important to Jeffrey that he learn more about what Jerry’s early life was like, before marriage and kids. Not only did he find out that his father had been in a band, he learned a bit more about the unexpected turns his father’s love of animals took in his childhood.


The Navy

Jerry has always been pretty private about his experience in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War, and this was the first time Jeffrey had heard some of his stories. Studio Saudade worked with Jerry to incorporate photographs from his collection and public archives to use in conjunction with recordings of him remembering and sharing his experience.


Young love

Jeffrey and his sister, Christina, have always wanted to know more about how their parents met. As part of this process, we captured Jerry’s stories about their early romance. We also created a beautiful pictorial narrative of their wedding day, which is incorporated into the commemorative portfolio.


“If you’re able to live and be happy with your life, no matter how much money you have, then you’re successful. You’ve done well. “

— Jerry Murphy


“I learned more about my Dad, but I think the real value in this experience was that he also got to share something with me. I didn’t expect that he would open up as much as he did on camera about his years in the war and before he met my mom. I’m so glad he did. We now have a beautiful story recorded to pass along to our daughter.”

— Jeffrey


We can help you bring your stories to life too

Life’s stories deserve to be captured and commemorated in a way that provides meaning and tangible value. Whether it’s a retirement, a birth, or a loss, custom LifeStory books are a powerful way to communicate care through the act of sharing.