We are a small firm that works with a network of multi-disciplinary designers, craftsman, builders, artists and storytellers that take a human-centered approach to the shared experience of death, dying and loss.

Some of us have been designers and craftsman for at least a decade and have a unique blend of professional art and design skillsets that include:

  • Traditional Graphic Design & Fine Art
  • Letterpress Printing
  • Fine Press Printing & Publishing
  • Hand Bookbinding
  • Heirloom Archival & Preservation
  • Documentary Filmmaking
  • Writing & Poetry

While we may have supplemental training, knowledge and experience around grief and dying, we are NOT licensed doctors, counselors or therapists. Nor do we take the place of funeral homes or directors.

We do, however, have a reputable and highly qualified network of local professionals and organizations we can refer you to. Some of which are doing beautiful, creative and ground-breaking sustainable work.


Our creative consulting, product and design services may be utilized during all stages of life.

We work with individuals, families and healthcare organizations in need of design and creative services to better support their clients. Sometimes this takes the form of brand communication and establishing the internal core values and ethics of what sustainable organizations are built on. Other times it's a simple redesign of spaces and environment. 

Sometimes, you or a loved one has just been given a terminal diagnosis and life's loose ends need some attention. You might need a little help in finding ways to say the 5 most important things:

“Thank you."
"I love you."
"I forgive you."
"Please forgive me."

And, sometimes you are alone and you lost the love of your life. A spouse, a parent, your child? Even your beloved pet? And you have no idea how to carry this heavy load and how to integrate this loss into your daily world.

We can help during all of those confusing times, wherever you are, whoever you are.



We believe that the human spirit is capable of tremendous compassion and growth in the face of loss. When our grief and love are witnessed and shared, it opens our hearts to connect with each other when we need to the most.

Sharing our stories of love and loss is a healthy, emotionally intelligent way to help us integrate our grief and begin to heal. Studio Saudade designs meaningful pathways for sharing these stories and honoring the lives of loved ones.  We believe in the healing power of creating tangible memories from the life-changing experience of loss. 

We start with the premise that the most rewarding creative work is collaborative and originates from honesty, humor, and natural chemistry. We believe in treating everyone we engage—especially those who are vulnerable in their time of grief—with utmost integrity and respect. We promise to be responsible stewards of our clients, our colleagues, our local community, and our planet. We will live up to our commitments mindfully, with courage and compassion. We will embrace the internal and external growth of our brand with open minds, full hearts, and helping hands.

Our clients, colleagues, and community will feel safe, supported, and inspired while we work together to enable those facing loss to honor and grieve for their loved ones. We believe that everyone has a personal compass guiding how they process, grieve, and heal, so we will hold space for people to feel the full spectrum of emotions that might accompany their loss without judgment or unease. We embrace our individuality and the miracle of who we each are, and we value the importance of celebrating the footprints we leave in our world and with one another.


We are a life and loss consulting and design group that guides individuals and families through the process of telling their stories and honoring the lives of those they love. Our purpose is to educate and inspire, and to collaborate with our clients to design thoughtful experiences and heirloom-quality fine goods that encourage loving reflection for future generations.

Life is ironic. It takes sadness to know what happiness is, noise to appreciate silence and absence to value presence.”
  Saudade  (1899), by  Almeida Júnior

Saudade (1899), by Almeida Júnior